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Electronic security systems

We use long-term proven advanced systems from renowned Satel and Jablotron manufacturers. The narrow specialization enables us to acquaint ourselves with the characteristics of the technology and to meet the special requirements of our clients. From various system responses, through automated home security management to security systems, to intelligent wiring. The wide range of devices from these manufacturers enables us to choose the right choice for each customer, taking into account technical requirements and price optimization.

Industrial television

We work standard with HIK-Vision and Panasonic brands. However, this does not prevent us from using the technique of other manufacturers as well, according to the client's needs. That's why we've already worked with special cameras, thermo-video cameras, Moleculer's recorders ... Nowadays, many find it a matter of course to check the situation around their home. But what about an industrial site hundreds of meters in length and jamming from big machines? We have already solved this situation with our client ... through fiber optic cable.

Video doorman

The rich experience in this area grows almost every realized order. From the simplest solutions for family houses with so- 1: 1 configuration to complicated IP solutions with call-to-call switching capability, sending email with image and controlling multiple gateways using relay-controlled web commands ... To do this, we also add opening code, contact cards, biometric authorization ... and select really everyone.

Structured cabling

Allows devices to connect to the computer network. Now the necessity of virtually every building. Starting from the family home. And it's not just about accessing the internet, but also playing on a TV in a living room from a home-based disc, previewing the camera on a mobile phone ... up to an automated ordering of food on the refrigerator display and heating the coffee machine before coming home. Not all can be solved via WiFi.


Today, it is possible to install a large number of facilities in the building to enhance the stay in the building, possibly ensuring the economy of the building. The actuators can control heating, cooling, lighting, shielding ... on the basis of the operator's instructions or according to the selected program according to the input signals from the sensors. As a result, we get intelligent wiring ...

Sound systems

If someone likes music and wants to listen to them all the time, or if the guest owner wants to make the guest a pleasant stay with a quiet melody, he needs a corresponding technical solution. Our clients have already addressed us with such requests. The solution for them was a multiroom system with multiple music sources and the ability to use the application on their phone.

Fire signaling

Since the fire is a good servant, but a bad master, it is necessary to have his climbing under control and to lead to dangerous dangers as soon as possible so that the damage is as small as possible. This is the fire signal.

Access Access Systems

These devices allow you to control the movement of people in the building and have a look at where and where they were. Today, the necessity of buildings with more people. Alternatively, obtain backgrounds for the accounting system. All these devices allow.